Five Things Fridayyyyyy


Numero Uno:
I’M IN LOVE WITH QUEST BARS!! They have seriously been my go-to afternoon snack.. (well, along with a ton of other snacks that you saw on Wednesday…) I just love that one bar is 170 calories and has TWENTY grams of protein! I’m going to get some of the Cookies & Cream ones soon, but for the time being I’ve been enjoying the Apple Pie and Cinnamon Roll.


Numero Dos:
I’ve been working on my seminar for my “second year talk” all week! It’s ALMOST finished (boss man wants them today.. so hopefully by the time you’re reading this it’s finished!).. I think this is why I’ve been eating more Quest Bars… I get midday Caffeine & Protein withdrawals and need a snack.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.29.54 PM

Numero Tres:
I’m going on a TRAIL RUN TOMORROW!!!!!!!! So, I’m pretty ballsy because I’m going on a 14 mile trail run tomorrow (well, around 14.. on trails I’m sure that I’ll end up doing more) and then I’m doing a trail half the next weekend… AND this is my first trail run since.. ugh.. well.. I did a few dirt road halves this winter… but no trails… since…. honestly, I don’t even know.. I tried to find out the last time on my Instagram and couldn’t! It’s been THAT long!


Numero Quatro:
I got a nifty hydration vest to try for my trail runs.. If I’m going to do an Ultra (and lets be honest, I’m already training for it so I’m “basically” signed up for one), I’m going to need to log a lot of miles on the trails.. or really just a lot of miles in general.. and since I REALLY hate hand-held water bottles it just made sense.. Especially since the Platypus hydration pack that I have rubs SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly! So hopefully since this is a vest AND made for running that it will be better! (Plus I youtubed the crap out of this one, and all the reviews are good!)

Shakeology as a Frappuccino!

Shakeology as a Frappuccino!

Numero Cinco:
I’m in LOVE with T25 and Shakeology!! I’ve been doing them together for two weeks now and I’m already seeing results that I didn’t see with just running, exercising, and eating healthy! It’s crazy, honestly! This video is what sold me to try Shakeology, and then the fact that I can get a good cardio workout in (that’s NOT the same as running) in just 25 minutes?! COUNT ME IN! PLUS I burn OVER 200 calories in just 25 minutes! AWESEOME!!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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WIAW#30: Snacks

First, let us thank Ms Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting this fabulous party!

Now.. This WIAW is dedicated to the snacks that keep me going all day.. Let’s face it, I’m a snacker… I wish I wasn’t, but I am.. It seems that it helps me get through the day, especially since I’m on campus from roughly 8am-6pm most days.. So breakfast is at home, lunch is at work, then I snack all day.. so let us take a look at the things I actually remember to take pictures of before I snack on them!


photo 1 (80)

New to my snacking list is celery & carrots with hummus. I went a full week with basically having this everyday! I need to start again, because it’s DELICIOUS! (oh, and healthy!)

photo 3 (56)

Fat free cottage cheese! Also healthy! I love that it’s PACKED with protein! Definitely helps me get through the day when my stomach isn’t growling all day!

photo 2 (79)

My absolute go to is an apple! I really don’t discriminate, I’ll eat just about any apple. However, my favorites are Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji!

photo 4 (45)

Quest bar and coffee! These have been a staple lately because I’ve been working on a presentation and that requires some midday caffeine! Plus the protein bar helps keep me full until dinner!


Not pictured (aka things I always scarf down before I remember to take a picture):
Banana (I try to eat one every morning as my morning snack!)
Jalapeno String Cheese — DELICIOUS!
Yogurt -If I don’t eat it with lunch then it becomes a snack for the day!


Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!